Mini Facial

Mini Facial


  • identify what skin type you have (and any conditions you may have)
  • deep cleansed skin
  • cleansed pores
  • exfoliation to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin soft
  • prevents skin from aging
  • facial massage promotes blood circulation to the skin, providing the skin to boost the absorbtion ablities of your skin taking nutrients from the products used.
  • facial massage drains and reduces away any facial puffiness/bags under your eyes
  • rejuvenate you skin giving you a natural glow
  • detoxify the skin
  • helps to reduces acne and scars
  • helps to tighten up your skin and gives you an even skin tone
  • eliminate whiteheads and blackhead
  • advice from your therapist on what are the best products to use for your skin type

For this treatment :

  • consultation with the therapist (to discuss your skin type and condition)
  • therapist analyses the skin under a mag lamp
  • Pre-cleanse
  • deep cleanse
  • exfoliation
  • toner
  • face massage
  • moisturizer applied
  • aftercare advice is given from the therapist.

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