Micropigmentation (Semi-permanent Makeup – SPMU)

Micropigmentation therapy is a cosmetic procedure. It uses a process of insertion of natural pigments (this means there are no fragrances or other ingredients added) using a needle.

You may find other names for this therapy, such as semi-permanent makeup, tattooing, microblading and SPMU.

You will requested to come to clinic for a compulsory patch test, 24h prior to your appointment.

Other areas may benefit from this process, such as eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.

During your appointment, you have the opportunity to do all the exciting stuff like pick your desired colours and contours.

We suggest bringing your favourite lip liner or brow pencil as a guide.

The therapist then applies a cosmetic pen or pencil to create a template for the procedure.

The therapist will continue to make adjustments until you’re fully satisfied.

The procedure itself isn’t painful. The therapist will use anaesthetic creams beforehand and throughout treatment to keep you nice and comfortable.

Micropigmentation has the ability to disguise skin colour imperfections.

These can be from vitiligo, birth marks, burn marks, scars and stretch marks.

To this group of applications we call it Paramedic micropigmentation.

A skin colour match as accurate as possible will make a good cover up.

It might be a good idea to book some time off work as there is the chance of slight swelling or redness on the area.

The treated area will also appear darker and more exact immediately after the treatment, but will lighten and soften over a few days.

It is semi-permanent because it won’t stay on your skin forever; it may last up to 6 years, depending on the type of skin.

Your first treatment comes in a package including 2 top-ups to re-adjust the colour and design.

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