Firstly the Nutritional Therapist will start with a consultation to understand what is your main complaint.

You may have a skin condition, a digestion problem, looking to change poor eating habits, or need help with weight control.

Some patients have health problems that they cannot relate to food. The therapist will see if there is a relationship between the food you eat and your problem if any.

The therapist will ask you questions about your symptoms to check if they fall into categories of any deficiencies of vitamins and/or minerals you may have.

It is the therapist’s job to design a food intake plan that better suits your needs. Your food should be your medicine.

Before advising you to take supplements, your food intake comes first, and then, if required the therapist may advise you to have supplements.

Whenever supplements can be of an injectable form which the therapist will suggest.

Injectables can be delivered within the clinic and they are more efficient than tablets but some may require a prescription.  The clinic has its own prescriber.

The prescriber is responsible to check your health conditions for you to be safe to take the supplements such as Vitamin D

For more information on injectables, please check our section ‘injectables’ at ‘Acusmedical’.

For all food plans made, all dietary requirements will be adapted to your needs.

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