Some patients spend a long time chasing the real cause of their unwellness. One can have a hard pathway to find a solution for one’s case. It is this type of challenge that our practitioners encounter regularly.

At Acusmedical, we discuss and analyse every aspect of your health, present and past. We try to understand better your condition and how it affects you.

We use a holistic approach, you as a whole are always considered and both your physical and mental health too.

Chinese medicine does not have machinery to make physical exams. It relies on a 5000 years medicine and the developed knowledge that our practitioner has perfected during the years of her career.

It is important to know of your eating habits, your stress levels, your work and how you sleep etc.

In Acusmedical, our team stand for a holistic approach, but also for an integrated one too. During consultation, your most recent blood tests will be analysed if required. An integration of medicines can only bring further light to resolve the problem.

We will observe your tongue, as your tongue is map of your all body. Each area of it, reveals information of the health of it: colour, coating, saliva and dryness.

The pulse at wrist level (both sides) is also a mean to give further information to the practitioner.

Please expect a long time consultation.

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