Guasha, Facial & Manual Head Massage

Gua Sha is a massage therapy from traditional Chinese medicine. It involves repeated strokes to the skin made with pressure (scrapping).

The scrapping of the skin will increase the blood flow.

A good blood flow helps to bring oxygen to the affected skin and to drain toxins. With a better blood flow, the skin has more nutrients, helping the skin to produce more collagen and elastin.


For this treatment :

  • consultation with the therapist (to discuss your skin type and condition)
  • therapist analyses the skin under a mag lamp
  • Pre-cleanse
  • deep cleanse
  • exfoliation
  • toner
  • face massage
  • moisturizer applied
  • aftercare advice from the therapist.

Head massage

Head massage is applied to helps to relax the mind, head and full body, promotes blood ciruclation to the head, can reduce headaches and tension and reduces stress.


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