Full Facial with Blackhead Extraction

The Full Facial treatment has many and different benefits. During this treatment you can identify your skin type and any adverse skin conditions you may have; it delivers a deep cleansing to the skin and to pores, prevents skin aging prematurely.

An exfoliation is also used during the process to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin soft.

Then the therapist will apply a facial massage and will use a hot towel to promote blood circulation and purification of the skin, boosting the skin absorption abilities, increasing the  intake of the nutrients from the products used, promoting a reduction of acne and scars appearance.

The facial massage will help to drain and to reduce any puffiness/bags under your eyes, by detoxifying and to rejuvenating your skin, giving it a natural glow.

The therapist will progress with the blackhead extraction to eliminate whiteheads and blackhead. Overall, this treatment contributes to tighten up your skin and gives you an even skin tone.

If you are looking to maintain these effects at home the therapist will advise you on how to select the best products to use for your skin type.

This treatment includes the following steps:

  • a consultation with the therapist (to discuss your skin type and condition)
  • an analysis of your the skin under a magnifier lamp
  • a pre-cleanse of the skin
  • a deep cleanse of the skin
  • an exfoliation
  • a hot towel
  • a blackhead extraction
  • a face and clavicular massage or mini microdermabrasion
  • a face mask application
  • a toner application
  • a serum application
  • a moisturiser application
  • aftercare advice given by the therapist

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