K-laser for Skin Treatments

K-Laser Class IV therapeutic laser delivers specific red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light. It induces a photochemical reaction and therapeutic effects.

In each session, K-laser promotes blood circulation, bringing more water, oxygen and nutrients to the area of treatment. Consequently, it creates an optimal healing environment for your skin.

Skin treatments can aim a cosmetic goal, scarring or a skin condition. Therefore, a consultation will take place before treatment.

Amongst some of the skin conditions that K-laser can address you will find dermatitis and acne vulgaris. Marking of the skin like scarring, wounds and stretch marks had substantial reduction in several case studies. Other conditions such as nose varicose veins, angiomas and telangiectasia can also see a positive outcome.

Some of these treatments will combine facial treatment as well as k-laser. Others will combine acupuncture along side with k-laser. You will also find some skin treatments addressed with k-laser  stand alone.

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