Snail mucus and its properties for skin

Snail mucus and its properties for skin

Properties of snail mucus

Snails are amazing small creatures that have been accompanying people for many centuries. In Ancient Egypt and Babylon the snail was considered a symbol of eternity and fertility. As early as 2000 years ago, Hippocrates realized the effectiveness of snails for human health, and in particular the use of mucus secreted by snails for skin diseases treatment. Subsequently, the therapeutic properties of molluscs were forgotten for many years, and in medieval Europe, their consumption of food was considered a great sin. Only due to changes during the Renaissance period, snails returned to the tables of poor people, but have become the dish of people from wealthy class. However, the properties of snail mucus have become known later. Only at the end of the twentieth century, a Chilean farmer who cultivated snails, noticed that the skin of the hands of his employees is smooth, elastic and looks young, while the wounds quickly healed. He made observations and realized that after the gathering of shellfish, the hands of workers were smeared with mucus. Studies have been conducted to demonstrate the medicinal properties and high content of useful substances in snail slime

What is snail mucus

Snails move on the sole or «leg», which is their muscle. Movement occurs due to the contraction and expansion of this muscle. It also contains glands that secrete mucus. It makes the surface smoother and more slippery for the snail. The same mucus is released in large quantities when the shellfish feels danger. It contains the secret ingredient — mucin cochlea, which has been widely used in cosmetology. Slime is most often collected from snails grown at organic farms. Studies have shown that snails like Helix Aspersa Muller, which are widely used in cooking in European countries, have the most active mucus. The collection is as follows: molluscs are collected in a special container and subjected to stress, shaking-up or a fever. When they are frightened, mucus is released in large quantities. It is collected and filtered, several times with the help of running through clean water. Thus, snail slime extract used to create snuff creams, masks and shampoos, is received. After collecting mucin, the molluscs are delivered back to the farm.

Content and snail slime properties

Taking into account high content of microelements and nutrients, the composition of slime snails is an ideal, and most importantly natural, remedy for intensive regeneration and saturation of the skin with nutrients. This means helps to effectively deal with common skin defects, scars and scars of varying severity. The composition of mucus includes:

  • collagen
  • elastin
  • glycolid acid
  • allantoin
  • vitamins В, С, Е

Collagen is a protein, which is the basis of conjunctive tissue.  It is responsible for protection and resistance to stress, maintenance of hydration and favorable skin condition. It performs the function of natural addition and helps smooth wrinkles.

Properties of snail mucus

Elastin is a protein that forms part of the connective tissue. Due to this element, the skin acquires the ability to restore the lost tone and elasticity. In addition, when it is used externally, it protects and restores the physiological balance.

Allantoin, is a substance that has long been known for its therapeutic properties. It helps fight free radicals and stimulates cell proliferation, increases the healing speed of small skin lesions and is an indispensable aid in slowing down the aging process. It also has moisturizing properties.

Glycolic acid, contained in mucin, promotes exfoliation of dead skin cells. It contributes to a deeper penetration of other nutrients, stimulates the production of endogenous and elastin collagen by fibroblasts. Thus performing indispensable work to restore balance, elasticity and preserve the youthfulness of the skin. Vitamins have an antioxidant effect and stimulate production of collagen. Their high content in the extract of snails prevents destruction and promotes preservation of healthy skin cells. They play a very important role in slowing down the aging of cells and preserving youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. Substances contained in the snail slime intensively moisturize, nourish and protect skin from the harmful effects of environment. Snail mucus skin benefits are:

  • Protective — prevents negative effects of environmental factors among and the effects of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Smoothing — reduces the depth of wrinkles and restores the natural balance;
  • Healing — stimulates regeneration processes and keeps the skin elastic;
  • Rejuvenating — nourishes the skin with useful substances and improves its appearance, slows the aging of cells.
  • The combination of useful substances and unique properties of mucin makes highly demanded in cosmetology and pharmaceutics

Use of snails in cosmetology

Properties of snail mucusFrom the point of view of dermatology and cosmetology, the use of snail slime extract helps slow down the aging process of skin tissues, and is indispensable in the fight against scars and other common skin defects. Mucin is used to create a variety of cosmetics. Asian companies are the leaders in this sphere today. Korean creams and snail masks captured this market. Snail excretion is time-consuming, so cosmetic means, produced from it, are rather expensive. The extract contain in some hair products. Shampoos and masks with its content are designed to maintain health of our hair and scalp.Today, to strengthen anti-aging fight, some companies have started producing serum with hyaluronic acid and snail extract. In serum, the concentration of mucin is maximal, while the addition of hyaluronic acid makes the effect faster. Japanese women are more proactive. To produce more lasting effect, they began applying snails directly to the face, that is, to make masks, directly from live snails. This procedure immediately conquered the world and beauty salons of different countries offer trying a mask of shellfish.

How to use snails for cosmetology procedures

Beauty salons use cosmetic or therapeutic snails Helix Pomatia or Achatina fulica for their procedures. Each client undergoes a series of tests before use. Mollusks are carriers of parasites that can be transmitted to a person after touch, so it is necessary to examine them before use. The face of a person is also cleared before the procedure, and then a layer of cream is applied before putting a snail. It adapts, crawls out of the shell and starts eating cream along with the dead skin particles, leaving behind a wet mucus trace. The movements of mollusks resemble massage, so this procedure is also called massage by snails. After the end of the procedure, the mollusks must be cleaned, as they can carry infection from one person to another. In this case, a ready-made facial mask from snail’s mucus will be safer.Science makes progress and more new products based on snails, appear in medicine, cosmetology and pharmaceutics every year. In order to find the answer to the question «Where to buy slime snails?», please visit this page of our website.

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