Fat burner – body contouring (Aqualix)

AqualyxTM’s formula is designed to increase the area’s metabolism and to dissolve fat cells gradually.

It transforms its content into fatty acids that the body then expels naturally.

This treatment is delivered to the middle layer of skin by injecting the fat tissue with very thin, sharp cannulas. 

Very often, these patients don’t respond to diet or to increased physical exercise.

AqualyxTM is not a weight loss therapy. Consequently, patients with localised adipose tissue (stubborn fat), are the perfect candidates for this Mesotherapy treatment. This product improves and alters the contour of the body and it takes time to reach its full effects.

The intervals between treatments should be three to four weeks, and you will need a minimum of two treatments to see results.

The total number of treatments may vary from two and eight treatments. These variations are according to the characteristics of the of the treated area.

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic-medical treatment, therefore it may not be reimbursable by the government or by private health care insurers. The patient must bear all expenses. 

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