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Gisela Goncalves

Gisela Gonçalves graduated as a translator and interpreter in 1992 in Portugal and worked in the tourism industry for 20 years.

She arrived in UK in 2007 and started her career in UK as a specialised massage therapist in 2008 and has a special interest in pain management.

She started her own business as a sole trader in 2009: Rainbow Health Group.

She expanded her knowledge and graduated from University of Salford in 2012 in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) (BSc Hons) and has been practising it in Rainbow Health Group. On the same year she was a volunteer for the Olympic games and was selected to work with the world press in Newcastle. Gisela volunteering was a way of saying thank you to the country that embraced her and gave her the opportunity to change her career and life.

Gisela progressed on her studies to accomplish her master’s degree in Nutrition and Health from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) (MSc), concluded in 2018. During her studies in MMU she acquired her qualification of phlebotomist in 2017.

She obtained her Nutritional therapist diploma in 2019.

During her studying time, Gisela also published her research investigation about Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) and its health effects on cholesterol and blood glucose, on the Nutrition Society Journal and continued to work on her investigation to be able to publish her full article in a medical journal.

She qualified as an injector, in 2020, bringing to AcusMedical clinic, news treatments such as vitamins injectables.

Gisela’s thirst for knowledge incentives her to continue learning, using that knowledge to help patients better. She is now preparing to develop her food investigation and to engage with her PHD.

She is a member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) and a full member of BAcC and its guidance and code of practice brought a safety net to the practice of Acupuncture in AcusMedical and nutrition in Nutrology.

Gisela’s special interest has always been pain management, as pain felt physically can affect patients emotionally.

Gisela also has a passion for food; she loves and embraces the task of teaching people how to cook.

In 2018, she became an ambassador for the Charity Public Health Collaboration for Rochdale Borough, and she has been helping medical centres to improve the health of their patients by delivering talks and teaching people how to cook and how to transform their traditional recipes into healthy ones.

Gisela believes that happy food makes happy people!

During Covid19 lockdown, Gisela has offered herself to deliver some talks to fellow members of BAcC, helping with the application of nutrition into TCM conditions. After Covid19 lockdown, patients have been counting on her and her team to reduce the post condition effects and/or the overall consequences of being deprived of health treatments.

So far, Gisela has helped successfully, almost 2500 patients.

At first, patients would look for her help as the last port of call, but in the last 5 years they have requested her help as the first port of call.

This achievement has only been possible due to the continued professional development and the commitment to help patients to the best of her ability.

In 2022, Gisela qualified to deliver cryotherapy and micro-needling treatments, continuing her pathway on the medical journey.

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