Crystal Wand Massage

Crystal Wand Massage PhotoCrystal Wand Massage Therapy, or as some of our clients call it – “Magic Wand” is a truly peaceful and tranquil massage experience.  Handmade Indian Crystal Wands are warmed and then implemented to relax and soothe tired muscles.

The healing properties of Crystals themselves are well documented, the warm wands are fantastic massaging instruments and it is no surprise how popular this type of massage is becoming.

Indian Crystal Wands have three functional purposes:

  • The ball is used to release deep muscular tension, for instance deep tissue work in areas of congestion, breaking down cellulite and fatty deposits, softening knots and nodules, the ball is also used for any light surface massage for example on the facial areas.
  • The stem is used to promote lymphatic drainage therefore assisting the removal of waste and toxins from the tissues.
  • The point can be used for acupressure to enable accurate and effective stimulation of the various pressure points upon the body.

Acupressure is a wonderful way of balancing the many body systems, promoting health and well-being as a corrective and therapeutic treatment.