Mia Pedro (Heywood, UK)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“I went to Rainbow – Well-being Therapy Centre looking for help regarding a chest infection I was having for days. I am asthmatic and I can’t have neurophen, so I wasn’t getting any better.

My throat and neck area were stuff and sore, my nose and adenoids were swollen and the blockage was causing terrible headaches. My breathing was also very heavy, and as the infection was getting to my chest, I was wheezing.

I never like to take tablets and medication for me is seen as last resource. I decided to try alternative medicines.

I spoke to one of the qualified practioners at the Well-being Centre and she was very thorough on the information given. She knew exactly what treatment to give me and booked me in for the same day!

I had never had acupuncture before. She only used 8 needles (4 points of acupuncture) and cupping. Not only I felt the treatment was working straight away but also, i woke up the next day feeling fantastic, managed to sleep and I was, literally, symptom free.

I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Thank you so much! xx

Mia Pedro (Heywood, UK)