Jamie Macphearson (Birmingham)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

“At first I was feeling down and with no joy. I know Gisela Goncalves as a friend. She had been telling me about Acupuncture and how marvelous it is for several different conditions. In 2011, as Gisela was still a student for Traditional Chinese Medicine, I attended to the University Clinic for Acupuncture treatments.

I had lower back pain but during and after the course of treatments I felt much better.

I always kept attention to what Gisela could advise me.

In the mean time Rainbow – Well-being Therapy Centre opened in 2012. Not longer after that, I had this conversation with Gisela concerning a certain pins and needles and numbness I was feeling in my right arm and hand as well as an ache, with restriction of movement.

I went to an appointment at the Rainbow Centre and I realised that although I was trying to be healthy I wasn’t doing enough or I wasn’t doing the right things.

When looking at my demeanour, Gisela mentioned I was looking deficient in minerals mainly, iron. That was strange… As I had some muscles spasms on my lower leg, Gisela also mentioned I could be also deficient in Calcium, Magnesium and Manganese. It was then than Gisela explained about Mora-therapy and the joint venture with another clinic to test deficiencies on vitamins, minerals and hormones.

After knowing my family medical history, and knowing that my mum suffers from MS, Gisela suggested me to go for further investigation regarding MS as it can be a familial condition. She was careful with the words but gave me incentive to do so as the sooner you know, the quicker and better you adapt to “your new you”. After a blood test, lumbar puncture and a MRI scan, I found out I have MS. I am a depression patient and it actually made me feel even more down. But, I had the support from Rainbow Centre and in particular from Gisela.

I went for the deficiency test and the results were amazing. Gisela was right: iron, magnesium, manganese, copper etc were low on my body, among others.

I adapted my diet towards my blood group, added some advises from Dr. Ella, I continually have my Acupuncture once a week and I joined the group of people that worldwide take Juice Plus+. I am currently having fruits and vegetables encapsulated, every morning along side my improved diet. I have done it so far for 1 month and I can see already big differences.

Acupuncture helped me to return to normal usage of my arm and hand. I no longer feel it numb. I keep my Acupuncture treatments still.

Gisela was right about the importance of the MS investigation and about my deficiencies. I know that none of these will cure me. However, it was and still is important to have a group of people from different areas of medicine looking into it. The integration works for me.”


Jamie Macphearson