Ella Dunbar – a scientist (PhD), an acupuncturist (BSc), a naturopath, a bio-resonance practitioner and a MORA-therapist. (There are less than 20 qualified MORA therapists and approx. 45 practitioners in bio-resonance across the whole UK.) 

Ella became a doctor of science in Russia in 1990, however she always gravitated to complementary medicine and natural healing. She studied nutrition on a vocational course in Russia before joining the School of Natural Health Sciences in the UK to complete her diploma in Advanced Nutrition. Using her knowledge in physics, she went on to study bio-resonance: first in the UK, and then in Germany (Med-Tronik). In 2005, Ella decided to expand her therapeutic skills, and started herbal medicine course at the University of Central Lancashire. She finalised her naturopathic studies with receiving her BSc (Hons) degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture from the University of Salford.

Apart from working as an acupuncturist, Ella is an experienced bio-resonance practitioner and offers a variety of electro-dermal body screenings such as food intolerances/allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and many more. Ella uses nutritional and herbal remedies alongside Bio-resonance to help patients reduce imbalances and speed up their recovery.