Ana Teixeira (Portugal)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“I had a contraceptive implant in my arm for a long time. After renewing it, my body reacted in a different way and I had a big hemorrhage that lasted for 1 month with heavy bleeding. According to my consultant this reaction could happen but would reduce and in some cases women stop having a cycle.

During this time I was feeling weaker and weaker and I was hospitalised with anaemia. I had a blood transfusion and  intervenes iron. I was discharged by the hospital and a lot of food advice was given to me to regain my strength and to improve my blood. Although I was having a lot of tomatoes, iron supplements (tablets), eating watercress and spinach, it didn’t seem to be enough and I was tired all the time. my legs were going and I felt weak still. my RDW count was 8 in December 2011. Then I spoke Rainbow – Well-being therapy Centre and further advice was given to me regarding food selection and I was also introduced for the very first time to Juice Plus+. I started the intake of encapsulated Vegetables and Fruit to complement the diet I was having and after a week of intake I cold frankly get out of bed and I felt a good improvement on my tiredness and weakness of my legs. After a month of intake, coincidentally I went for blood tests in January 2012 and my RDW count was 10. I am still taking it as I realised that even after the matter, I need and I want to complement my diet on a daily basis, as it is a priority for me. thank you for your great support”.

Ana Teixeira (Portugal